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As with weighted belts and wristbands, weighted vests help to considerably increase the intensity of the workout, maximizing physical development and promoting both an accelerated burning of calories and loss of fat. Unlike other accessories that only work on certain muscle groups, vests distribute weight more uniformly, as if they were part of the body, giving a much more natural movement and requiring minimum adaptation to be able to use them. More info

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  • Ideal for increasing strength power and elasticity. Variable weight load thanks to separate weights.
    Adidas Weighted Vest 10kg

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    Adidas Weighted Vest 10kg

Buyer's guide to Weighted Vests

  • Benefits of using a weighted vest:
  • · Develops strength and resistance.
  • · Improves jumping and speed.
  • · Produces an accelerated loss in fat and an increase in calories burnt.
  • · Provokes positive effects on bone density.

Adjusting the vest

The vest adapts to the body over the shoulders, distributing the weight around the torso, and is adjusted with straps, fasteners or clips. You have to make sure that the vest is a close fit to the body but without being too tight, so that the weight can be noticed as something natural, but does not move during the exercise.

Adjustable weight

Although they are more expensive, adjustable weighted vests are the best, as they allow you to adapt workouts and to vary the weight according to your level of fitness, objectives, etc. Most vests have a weight that can be removed quickly and easily, which makes the change between exercises much easier.


Many vests can weigh up to 30 Kg, and for this reason it is recommendable to invest in a brand that guarantees an acceptable lifespan, as these are strength training accessories that suffer wear and tear during exercise, above all in exercises with high mobility. As well as the points above, when buying a weighted vest you should look at the stitching and safety adjustments.

Weighted Vests

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