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Thermogenics are Sports Nutrition Supplements which accelerate the metabolism in order to burn fat more quickly, when and only if taking them is accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, and sports activities. Most of these supplements, ideal for weight management, are made from natural Thermogenic ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract or other natural stimulants. More info

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A buyers guide to Thermogenics

Thermogenics are compounds which help to accelerate the metabolism and in doing so they speed up the burning of energy which is freed in heat form which is what produces accelerated fat burning. Thermogenics work even without any kind of exercise or physical activity, but for the best results, it is important to take them accompanied by frequent sports activities and a healthy and balanced diet.

Taken as recommended, Thermogenics provide multiple benefits:

  • · Provide the body with more energy.
  • · Help to burn fat and contribute to weight loss.
  • · Improve concentration and help you to keep alert.
  • · Reduce the likelihood of suffering from fatigue.
  • · Reduce appetite.

However, they are not recommended for people with heart problems, poor blood circulation or high blood pressure. In order to rule out any possible risk or side effects, we always recommend that you consult a medical professional before taking these products.

Thermogenics Format

All Thermogenics are available in capsule form.

How and when to take Thermogenics

Generally, it is recommended that Thermogenics are taken throughout the morning, before 3pm. The main reason being is that, as they contain a large amount of stimulants such as caffeine, they could interfere with your sleep. Even if you do sports in the evening, you should only take the Thermogenics during the morning as their effect is long lasting.


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