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Swimming watches and heart rate monitors

Swimming heart rate monitors or sport watches have specific functions for swimmers. These sports watches are designed to be used in the pool and to calculate and record relevant data such as distance, pace, lengths, stroke identifier and stroke count or calories burnt among others, in order to ensure users can monitor all their movements. More info

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  • Swimming watches and heart rate monitors
  • Swim anywhere, train everywhere with Garmin Swim 2, the GPS swimming smartwatch.
    Garmin Swim 2

    Garmin Swim 2

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    Colour: Grey, White

    • Heartbeat:Yes
    • Water resistant:Submersible
    • Sign:Bluetooth Smart/ANT+

A buyer's guide to Swimming heart rate monitors or sport watches

With Swimming heart rate monitors, you only have to enter the length of the pool which you are using and you can start to monitor all your movements. Although the functions and measurements are specifically designed for swimming pools, these devices can also be used for training in open water. As well as the basic features such as time, date and alarms, these sporting watches have functions such as:

  • · Exercise register and history.
  • · Length counter and training session timer.
  • · Stroke identifier.
  • · Stroke counter.
  • · Swolf count.
  • · Distance/time Intervals.
  • · Pause and rest timer.
  • · Weekly distance.

*Swolf: Time in seconds plus the number of strokes required for one length of the pool.

swimming heart rate monitors

As well as the heart rate monitors included in this category, it is interesting to review those in the multisport category, as some of these have features and functions which are also suitable for swimming. Models such as the Polar V800, Polar RCX5 and Suunto Ambit3 measure the heart rate while submerged using their compatibility with the new BT Smart sensors.

*It is important not to confuse submergible heart rate monitors with ones that can also monitor the heart rate while under the water. There are many submergible heart rate monitors but, for the moment, few models can transmit the pulse rate while under water.

swimming heart rate monitors

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