Sweetmeals and cookies Amix

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  • Prepared mixture rich in protein and fiber to make delicious pancakes. Combines three protein sources: Whey, Egg and Complete Milk Protein.
    Amix Mr Popper,s Protein Pudding Cream -600g
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    Flavour: Double chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut

    • Goal:Gain mass
    • Administration:At any time
    • Format:Powder
  • Generally used for breakfast, they can also be a tasty snack between meals or as a nutritious dessert.
    Amix Mr.Poppers Protein Crepes-520 g

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    Amix Mr.Poppers Protein Crepes-520 g

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    Flavour: Neutral, Chocolate, Vanilla

    • Goal:Energy
    • Administration:With meals
    • Format:Powder

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