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Steppers are complete cardiovascular machines, practical and easy to use, letting you exercise the lower body and the abdominals. They simulate the natural movement you make when you climb a staircase. As well as working on and toning your legs, thighs, glutes and calves, steppers give you a complete workout while taking up very little space at home. More info

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  • Three simple height adjustments give you the option to adjust workout intensity as your fitness improves.
    Tunturi Aerobic Step Compact

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    Tunturi Aerobic Step Compact

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A buyer's guide to steppers

The main benefits to training with steppers are the following:

  • · Intense toning of legs, thighs, glutes and calves.
  • · Give a comfortable and easy cardiovascular workout.
  • · Work your heart and improve circulation.
  • · Gentle on your joints.
  • · You can adjust the intensity, the positions and the exercise methods.

Although the stepper provides a simple exercise, certain aspects of the apparatus can guarantee a more comfortable workout, better adapted to the needs of the user, and so it is worth paying attention to these points before making your purchase:

  • 1) Type of Stepper
  • 2) Resistance
  • 3) Display or screen
  • 4) Maximum User Weight

1) Type of Stepper

There are basically two types of steppers: steppers and step machines. Steppers are much smaller and more economical than step machines, but the latter guarantee a more complete cardiovascular workout as well being more comfortable to use as they incorporate a support in the upper part which helps your workout.

2) Resistance

The resistance of a stepper may be hydraulic or electronic. Hydraulic resistance is generated through air or a hydraulic liquid, and it can be adjusted by turning a pressure gauge. Electronic resistance guarantees smoother, less jerky movement with more predictable changes in resistance, while although the hydraulic steppers are cheaper, they are a little bulkier.

3) Display or screen

Some models include a screen on which you can see programmes and information relevant to the activity being carried out.

4) Maximum User Weight

Before acquiring a stepper, it is worth making sure that the user's weight is less than maximum weight authorised for use, as heeding this guideline guarantees that the machine will last a long time.


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