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Sports and performance electro stimulators are technological devices designed to improve muscle strength, stamina and recovery. They are, without doubt, very important for conventional workout programmes, because no other method can stimulate so many muscle fibres and provoke such a huge improvement in the qualities related to strength. Many professional sportspeople have already introduced electro stimulation in their daily workouts to boost their progress. More info

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  • Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain. Designed for athletes who workout every day, SP 8.0 is the class-leader in terms of electrostimulation.
    Compex Wireless SP 8.0 Electrostimulator

    Delivery 3-4 working days

    Compex Wireless SP 8.0 Electrostimulator

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    • New Edition in White! Reveal your potential through improved performance.. Specific training programmes for better results
      Compex Sport Elite White Edition Electrostimulator
      4.4 Stars (5)
      • Sport: 3 out of 4
      • Rehabilitation: 2 out of 4
    • Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster. Offers rehabilitation programs that can be helpful for athletes with frequent injuries who practice their activity 3 times per week.
      Compex SP 4.0 Electrostimulator

      Delivery 1 working day

      Compex SP 4.0 Electrostimulator

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      • Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster.
        Compex Wireless SP 6.0 Electrostimulator
      • Tones your muscles, sculpts your body, helps you relax and recover faster. With all the basic electrostimulation features and mi technology, SP 2.0 is the ideal partner for athletes who practice their activity 1 or 2 times per week.
        Compex SP 2.0 Electrostimulator

      A Buyer's guide to Electro stimulators for sport and performance

      Sports and performance electro stimulators are designed to meet a series of objectives, such as:

      • · Improving physical preparation.
      • · Building up muscle strength.
      • · Improving stamina.
      • · Accelerating recovery after training.
      • · Alleviating muscle pains and pain in the joints.

      Electro stimulators for sport and performance

      Achieving these objectives will greatly depend on the type of programmes the electro stimulator has:

      · Warm up programmes: Avoid injuries and maximize the results of the workout.

      · Specific Sports programmes: Work on stamina, develop muscle mass and contribute to building up strength and improving muscle recovery quickly and efficiently after intense effort.

      · Fitness programmes: Define muscles and make them firm and toned.

      · Cross- training programmes: Combine different types of stimulation, so that the muscle is trained to withstand moderate intensity and long periods of work.

      · Anti-pain programmes: Alleviate pains such as cervical, lumbar or thoracic pains.

      · Vascular programme: Alleviates heavy legs, stimulates lymphatic drainage or prevents cramp.

      · Specific rehabilitation programmes: Sports activity is resumed with progressive training, after bone or joint injuries treated with immobilization and/or a surgical operation.

      · Massage programmes: These can be relaxing, regenerating or invigorating.

      Electro stimulators for sport and performance

      Wireless technology

      Is it better to have a wireless or wired electro stimulator?

      The fact that an electro stimulator is wireless or not mainly affects comfort and possibilities of use. It has been demonstrated that training with an electro stimulator considerably improves performance and, therefore, maximizes results. In order to train with these apparatus and also have the greatest freedom of movement possible, a wireless device is recommendable. But if you do not intend to combine its use with your workouts, electro stimulators with a wired connection will adapt perfectly to your activities.


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