Garmin 010-01225-32 Includes Heart Rate Monitor. Vívofit™ fitness band. Make every step count.

Reviews of Garmin Fitness Band Vivofit Purple Bundle

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Great product. Was in between 2 minds on whether to get this or the polar loop. After reading the reviews I decided on this one as I have tiny wrists&I like the fact that their was a smaller wrist band. I was worried that with the polar loop needing contact with skin to work if it didn't fit correctly it wouldn't work on my small wrists! Also the fact that you had to press the polar loop every time you wanted anything displayed vs vivofit which displays constantly. Vivofit was definately the right choice for me. Love my purple colour&the band fits! So far so good. Only had it for a few weeks but have used all the functions. The sync system is pretty good and works fast. I have a nexus 7&sometimes have issues with the devices connecting but they do eventually! Comfortable chest strap(have worn overnight). I like the fact that you can link myfitnesspal to the vivofit app&they each calculate calories based on food&exercise. My main reason for getting this was because most heart rate monitors are pretty bulky&vivofit&polar loop seem to be the only slimline fitness bands that have heart rate monitor displayed on the screen. I'd definitely recommend this product, especially for people with smaller wrists.

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