PowerBar is a sports nutrition brand which belongs to Nestle Nutrition and which helps athletes to improve their performance and results thanks to its exclusive C2 MAX formula. Energy bars and Power Gel stand out, both with a great variety of flavours; essential top ups for running, cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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PowerBar C2 MAX contains a mixture of high quality carbohydrates and a perfect combination of glucose and fructose. During physical activity, this mixture supplies the exercising muscle which increases the absorption of carbohydrates by up to 55% when consumed regularly. Scientific studies show that energy from C2 MAX is longer lasting and can improve performance by up to 8%.

This was the principle on which PowerBar C2 Max was based, from an exclusive formula designed by Nestle Nutrition which can only be found in the PowerBar gels, isotonic drinks and energy bars.


The history of PowerBar

1983-1986: In 1983 Brian Maxwell, a Canadian endurance athlete, collapsed 10kms from the finish line because his energy reserves had run out. At that moment, Brian decided to take the initiative and, together with a nutrition scientist, began research into finding the ideal energy supply for athletes.

1986-2000: Three years later and after hundreds of recipes seeking the ideal mixture of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins, he set up the PowerBar company in Berkley (California). The first products were "PowerBar Energy Bar" in chocolate and malt nut. The brand started to grow rapidly and became popular among athletes and was soon available in 35 countries.

2000-2014: PowerBar was bought by Nestle, and for the next 14 years they shared their experience in product development with PowerBar. The range of products within the brand is constantly growing, with each one reaching the highest standards of quality. Almost 30 years after its creation, PowerBar still stands out thanks to continuous innovation.