Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific, global brand and creator of electronic products for today's lifestyle, is the market leader in sports watches and weather stations for the home, each and every one of their products being designed with total precision using the latest technology.

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Oregon Scientific

Why buy Oregon Scientific?

· The most advanced technology: Each and every one of their products is the fruit of the combination of the most advanced American technology with the style of European design.

· Simplicity: Thanks to their advanced but easy to use functions, Oregon Scientific products provide users with all the relevant information from their surroundings, such as the time, the weather, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

· More than one collection: As well as their distinguished Time and Weather collection, Oregon Scientific has successfully developed another four collections of products aimed at enhancing lifestyles: Sport and Health, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Electronic Learning.

· Innovation: Oregon Scientific has been a pioneer in the launch of several completely innovative products such as the first colour Weather Station, the slimmest digital voice recorder, the world's slimmest MP3 player with a transparent LCD.

· Leader in Europe: The brand is focussed on bringing together the concept of intelligent life style with technological innovation, making it a brand leader in Europe.

· Oregon Scientific around the world: This is not all, today they have a network of global sales with subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, along with a distribution network which is growing every day.

· Clear objective: Since its beginnings, it has always had a clear objective: to be a market leader in electronics for improving lifestyles and creating a world in which Oregon Scientific products are to found in every room in every home.

· Mission: Oregon Scientific has "Smart Living" as their mission, which refers to the search made by modern men and women for a better lifestyle and a new perspective and attitude to face life with.

Oregon Scientific

The history of Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific, was founded in 1989 in Portland (USA), and has become a market leader in watches and weather stations for the home. Throughout its history it has made strategic changes, making it the leader in today's watch and weather station market.

In September 2004, it presented a new logo for the brand. This logo has fulfilled its objective: to give added value and to communicate effectively the origins of Oregon Scientific, transmitting the improvement in lifestyle which characterizes the brand and which evokes warmth and personal emotions. On the other hand, the word "Scientific" symbolizes technology, innovation and quality.

Oregon Scientific