Olympic benches

Olympic benches are designed for training with weights, either standard or Olympic. They usually have a built-in support bar, along with other complements such as ?leg developers?, ?bicep curls?, ?butterfly?, etc. This type of muscle strengthening bench usually has multi-position support, it can be flat, inclined or declined. It is important to take into account the maximum load which this type of bench can withstand: user weight + load.

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  • Olympic benches
  • The most versatile and complete combo bench available.
    Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench with Leg Developer
  • Standard Width Barbell Bench. 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched Seat and Backrest. Adjustable 4 Position Backrest for Incline, Decline and Flat Positions. Integral Box Stitched Preacher Curl Pad with Curl Bar. Integral Leg Developer with Foam Roller Pads.
    Marcy Eclipse BE1000 Standard Barbell Bench

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    Marcy Eclipse BE1000 Standard Barbell Bench

  • With a variety of weight discs included (up to 45kg) plus a 2kg barbell, you have everything you need to set up your home workout.
    Adidas Essential Strength Bench w 45kg
  • Olympic Width Bench with Independently Adjustable Uprights. 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched Seat and Backrest.
    Marcy Eclipse BE5000 Olympic Width Barbell Bench
  • Mid-Width Bench with Separate Squat Rack. 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched Seat and Backrest. Adjustable 6 Position Backrest for Incline, Decline, Military and Flat Positions. Height adjustable Integral Box Stitched Preacher Curl Pad.
    Marcy Eclipse BE3000 Mid Width Barbell Bench
  • For those wanting to lift some serious weight at home.
    Marcy Olympic Bench MCB880
  • Adjustable bench. Is specifically designed for exercises involving the chest and arms.
    Adidas Power Bench
  • The adjustable preacher curl pad and bicep bar allow for targeted exercises.
    Marcy MD-867W Olympic Bench
  • Decline, flat , incline and military pressing positions, acepts 6- and 7-foot Olympic bar and adjustable preacher curl pad.
    Marcy Deluxe MWB-838 Olympic Bench
  • Seat and back pads can be readjusted into different positions and you can arrange the bench into an incline position, decline position, or flat position.
    Marcy MWB-20100 Olympic bench
  • Robust frame design, adjustable seat and back pad operates on a slide track that properly places the exerciser in the correct posture for military and chest press exercises.
    Marcy MD857 Olympic bench
  • The added leg quad and hamstring/glute isolation functionality means that both upper and lower body can be catered for effectively when using this bench.
    Adidas Sport Standard Bench
  • It has a versatile and adjustable 3-position bench that allows for incline, decline, and flat bench press positions.
    Marcy MWB-36780B Olympic Bench

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