iFit Live, founded in 1989, provides technology for interactive fitness training. So that all fitness and health activities can be in the same place.

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Why buy iFit Live?

Training will never be the same

iFit provides extraordinary and innovative technology which combines physical activity, diet and lifestyle. This wireless technology, which brings training together with the technology of Google Maps, is the definitive fitness experience. This incredible function offers new and magnificent opportunities to travel around the world, to run, to train for races, to compete, etc. All from the comfort of your home!

Connect to see the results

iFit technology Live detects your home wifi connection and is the only connection between the Internet and the domestic fitness equipment. All the personalized training sessions are downloaded automatically to the fitness equipment and while your train the results are uploaded to iFit.com so you can manage your online profile and monitor your results. If you don't have wifi at home, iFit has also developed USB technology.

Personalize the training session

Thanks to iFit and its intelligent training, getting results is faster. From the iFit console you can easily set targets, monitor your progress and plan future training sessions. There are a broad range of intensity levels, so the user can motivate and push themselves even further to be able to achieve their goals.

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