Handles or Grips are accessories that increase the training options of multi-stations. These strength training accessories can be added to either high or low pulleys in order to increase the exercise possibilities. Therefore, depending on the kind of handle, the exercises to be carried out and the muscles to be exercised will vary.

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  • Handles
  • Features over-sized rubber blocks and super-thick, high-carbon steel swivel for strength, durability and comfort.
    Body-Solid TR20 Triceps Rope

    Delivery 1 working day

    Body-Solid TR20 Triceps Rope

  • It's a combination squat platform for stabilizing the user during squat exercises and calf block for the most intense calf raise exercises with full range of motion, and complete comfort.
    Body-Solid SCB26 Calf Squat Block

    Delivery 4-5 working days

    Body-Solid SCB26 Calf Squat Block

  • Extra set of knurl-textured rubber grips allow bar to be used for triceps and bicep workouts.
    Body-Solid MB438RG Pro-Grip Lat Bar Pro

    Delivery 4-5 working days

    Body-Solid MB438RG Pro-Grip Lat Bar Pro

  • Super heavy-duty welded flange ensures a lifetime of usage even under extreme conditions.
    Body-Solid MB502RG Pro-Grip Seated Row/Chin Bar
  • Full 48 inch / 122cm long for complete development of your lats, shoulders and arms
    Body-Solid Tools Pro-Grip Triceps Pressdown Bar MB504RG
  • Ergonomically designed to provide continuous, consistent tension throughout a full range of motion for all biceps and triceps exercises.
    Body-Solid Tools MB507RG Pro-Grip Balanced V-Bar
  • Super comfortable #18 diamond knurl-textured grip reduces finger fatigue and ensures absolute control.
    Body-Solid Tools MB501RG Pro-Grip Stirrup Cable Handle
  • Seated rows, triceps press downs and bicep curls.
    Body-Solid MB503RG Pro-Grip Multi Purpose Bar
  • Grip strength is often overlooked in strength training, but it is a critical aspect to increase performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
    Body-Solid Dog Bone Grip BSTDB

    Delivery 4-5 working days

    Body-Solid Dog Bone Grip BSTDB

  • Get a grip on comfortable, efficient shoulder presses, bicep and tricep exercises, lat pulldowns and many other exercises.
    Body-Solid GDCC Bar Attachment
  • Full 48 inch / 122cm long for complete development of your lats, shoulders and arms
    Body-Solid MB148RG Pro-Grip Lat Bar
  • The highly specialized design automatically hits the Lats at the ideal biomechanical angle for specific Latissimus isolation, lower back protection and full range-of-motion.
    Body-Solid LBB28 Lat Blaster Bar
  • Triceps press downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, arm pullovers and much more.
    Body-Solid MB022RG Pro-Grip Revolving Straight Bar
  • Eliminate clumsy or awkward starts to your favorite dumbbell exercises.
    Body-Solid PPH2 Power Hooks
  • Biomechanically designed for the most complete arm development possible.
    Body-Solid Tools MB229RG
  • Infinite variable width spacing that allows full extension and contraction when doing chin ups and lat pull ups.
    Body-Solid GCA2 Lat Pull-Up / Chin-Up Station
  • Ideal for performing inner and outer thigh exercises. Features a heavy-duty nylon construction for durability. Interior lined with man-made wool padding to provide comfort and support.
    Body-Solid NAS3 Nylon Ankle Strap
  • Give your fingers a hand with ergonomically designed, textured grip stirrup handles that are ideal for all your lifting and pulling exercises.
    Body-Solid Nylon Stirrup Handle NB59
  • rovide several ways to increase grip strength. 3'' Diameter.
    Body-Solid Cannoball Grips BSTCB
  • Challenge your grip strength and target your forearms with Body-Solid Tools' BSTNG Nunchuck Grips.
    Body-Solid Nun-Chunk Grips BSTNG
  • They feature edges that won't pinch, scrape or cut, and a patented neoprene lining that allows hands to ''breathe'' while in use.
    Body-Solid Nylon Tricep Strap NTS10

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