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Characteristics Fitbit Zip Charcoal

Get a kick out of fitness with this little device. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned – and syncs those stats to your computer and select smartphones. In doing so, it celebrates how much more you do each day. Zip™ encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther - one step at time. That's how you turn everyday life into a social, achievable, awesome path to fitness.
Here´s How It Works

1.- Track your activity (steps, distance and calories burned)
2.- Sync it anytime, anywhere (with your computer and Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphones)
3.- Check out your progress (Get the full picture and gain insight with free graphs, charts and tools)
4.- Make Fitness Fun (set goals, earn badges, challenge friends and smile)
Built to keep you moving

By showing you how your day is stacking up, Zip™ encourages you to get up and go…and keep going! It helps you make those small changes that can add up to something big. (No wonder Fitbit users average 43% more steps each day.)
Powered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer, Zip™ accurately captures all-day activity that old-school pedometers can’t handle. It bases calculations like calories burned on your personal profile – reflecting your stats, not any average Joe's.
Fits into your day & your pocket

Wear it in your pocket, on a belt, or a bra – this tracker is as discreet or as visible as you want it to be. Its silicone clip will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Zip™ is also rain, splash, and sweat-proof. With a replaceable watch battery that lasts up to six months, it’s excuse-proof too.
Syncs wirelessly & automatically

Zip™ automatically syncs your information to PCs, Macs, iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3, Retina & mini and the iPod touch. That means no buttons to push, no data to enter. Just real-time access to your stats and the Fitbit dashboard, 24/7. You can even register and pair your Fitbit devices via select smartphones – including certain Androids.
Gives you insight & the inside scoop

Between Zip™, Fitbit’s free mobile app, and the free online dashboard, you’ll get a snapshot of your daily and cumulative progress. Imagine graphs, tools, charts, and a customisable dashboard to boot. Fitbit’s goal is to make your data digestible and useful. By knowing how close you are to reaching your personalised weekly goals, you can take those extra steps to achieve them.
Go, badges, go

Celebrate your progress and stay motivated by earning Fitbit badges for daily, weekly, even lifetime achievements. When you achieve a new goal, or your activity is extra impressive, we’ll award you with a badge! Score.
Achievement Alerts
We’ll send you alerts when you’re nearing your goals and crossing the finish line.
Weekly Stats Emails
Get a weekly email of your stats to stay up on your progress
Challenge your friends

Up for a little competition? Bring friends and family in on the fun by connecting with them on Fitbit.com, where you can compare stats, share progress, and cheer each other on.
Your leaderboard now refreshes all day long, so you’ll always know how you stack up against friends, no matter the time. You’ll get a message if a friend (or frenemy) passes you on the leaderboard.
1-On-1 Messaging
Cheer for or (gently) tease your friends with person-to-person messaging. Send them an encouraging note or a quick "hooray" through your dashboard or mobile app (coming soon to mobile!).
Log food, weight & workouts

Thanks to Fitbit’s online tools, logging your meals, water, workouts, and weight is a snap. Nothing will get lost when you’re on the go, either. Just log your data with our mobile app. We’ve got a huge database (from Sunkist oranges to pink salmon). Let’s say you create a weight goal. Fitbit can use your food and activity data to help you set and reach daily calorie objectives.
Plays well with other apps

You can export your Fitbit data to several popular fitness apps. Some of them – including SparkPeople, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal, and MapMyFITNESS – let you import their data into Fitbit’s dashboard, so you can track and understand your health in either app. See what’s available in our App Gallery.

What’s included

· Zip™ tracker
· Silicone and metal clip
· Wireless sync dongle
· Replaceable battery
· Battery door tool
· Free Fitbit.com membership – includes ability to log and track activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight, and more


Zip™ comes in five colours:

· Blue
· Magenta
· White
· Charcoal
· Lime

There's an LCD (liquid crystal display) on each model.

Controls & Display


Just tap the device face with your fingertip to change the display.
Each tap cycles through one of five modes:

· Steps
· Distance
· Calories burned
· Fitbit Smiley (highlights your recent activity level)
· Clock

Wireless sync to PC & Mac

Fitbit’s trackers are the first all day activity trackers to offer Bluetooth Smart connectivity, so you see your stats in real-time.

Syncing occurs automatically any time Zip™ is within about 20 feet of the wireless sync dongle and is relatively motionless. The dongle plugs into your Mac or PC's USB port. Syncing and uploading require use of the Fitbit uploader application.

Wireless sync to mobile

Syncing Zip™ to your smartphone or tablet requires Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart compatibility. This is currently available on:

· iPhone 4S, 5
· iPad 3, Retina
· iPad mini
· iPod touch, 5th generation
· Samsung Galaxy S4
· Samsung Galaxy S III
· Samsung Galaxy Note II
· Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

For more information visit: //www.fitbit.com/devices

The Fitbit mobile app works with all smartphones for logging data, receiving notifications, and viewing graphs and charts based on your last sync.


We recommend syncing your data regularly. As long as Zip™ has minimum battery power, it tracks up to seven days of detailed, minute-by-minute data. For the preceding 23 days, it summarises your daily calories, distance and steps taken.

Batteries & Power

The battery inside Zip™ lasts four to six months. It has a low battery indicator on the LCD screen. To change your battery, use the battery door tool to unlock and open the door. Remove the battery, place the new battery into the cavity, and close the door.
· BATTERY LIFE: 4-6 months
· BATTERY TYPE: 3V coin battery, CR 2025

Browsers supported

· chrome: 12 and up
· firefox: 3.6.18 and up
· internet explorer: 8 and up
· safari: 5.0.5 and up

· chrome: 12 and up
· firefox: 3.6.18 and up
· internet explorer: ---
· safari: 5.0.5 and up

PC & Mac requirements
PC requirements
· Windows XP/Vista/7/8
· USB port
· Internet connection

Mac requirements
· Mac OS X 10.5 and up
· USB port
· Internet connection


Zip™ uses a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer that measures your motion patterns to determine your calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken.

Environmental requirements

Zip™ is not waterproof. It shouldn't be worn while swimming. It is, however, rain, splash, and sweat-proof.
· OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
· NON-OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -0° to 130° F (-17.7° to 54.4° C)
· RELATIVE HUMIDITY: Device is splash proof, and should not be submerged more than one meter.
· MAXIMUM OPERATING ALTITUDE: 30,000 feet (9,144 m)

Size & Weight

· HEIGHT: 1.4 inches (35.5 mm)
· WIDTH: 1.1 inches (28mm)
· DEPTH: 0.38 inch (9.65 mm)
· WEIGHT: 0.282 oz. (0.018 lb, 8 grams)

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Warranty information

Fitbit was founded by Eric Friedman and James Park in 2007 in order to create a wearable product that would change the way we move.

The company developed when Eric y James realized that sensors and wireless technology had advanced to a point where they could bring amazing experiences to fitness and health. .

They design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into a healthy lifestyle., so that everyone can achieve proposed health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

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Great product

This is a brilliant little tracker. I bought it as a cheap tracker to keep me going between the time I lost my flex and the new fitbit charge HR came out. I'm using the charge hr now but the other half has inherited the zip and loves it too. I think I preferred it to the flex as the fact that you never have to charge it is a great advantage. Also, it's more discreet to hide etc and harder to lose than the flex with its dodgy wrist strap. It's excellent value for money too and I think if the fit bit charge hr hadn't come out, i'd be wearing the zip for a long time to come - the lack of need to charge far out-weighing not being able to bring it into the shower etc. The display is a bit hard to see but i had it hidden away anyway so I used my phone if I wanted to check my stats. The app is excellent. Would recommend.

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Fitbit Zip Charcoal
5 Stars5 Stars
Am obsessed!

An amazing little piece of technology. Very easy to register. Easy to clip to clothing. The daily info it provides is incredible. I'm obsessed.

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Fitbit Zip Charcoal
5 Stars5 Stars
Game changer

This tiny device has changed the way I go about my working day I get up and move around. It's facanating to see how lots of small changes add up.

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Fitbit Zip Charcoal
5 Stars5 Stars
3 received options1

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