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Pulse rate is becoming a more and more important reference point in training, as it is a key piece of information for obtaining better results. The most common way of measuring it is with a chest strap, and this is the category for all the straps and belts which are compatible with various brands and models of heart rate monitors on the market. With these accessories, the user can measure and monitor their heart rate during training, and afterwards on the manufacturers software platforms carry out a thorough analysis with the data obtained. There are also straps which are compatible with fitness machines and smartphones, enabling you to train with the latest Apps.

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  • By having dual band technology of both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart, you only need one heart rate strap for connecting to all of your training devices.
    Alatech CS012 Dual Mode Heart Rate Strap
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    • Components:Elastic + emissor
    • Transmission:Bluetooth Smart/ANT+

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