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The category of boxing and martial arts is made up mainly of a series of toning accessories aimed at providing protection for the user during workouts. The use of boxing and martial arts gloves is not limited to these two disciplines, but extends to other activities involving attack and defence, in order to guarantee greater comfort and safety. Included in these activities are, for example, ring boxing, sparring, some Crossfit activities, work with mats and sandbags or Power bags, and the practice of all kinds of martial arts, including cardio kickboxing. More info

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    Slam Man

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    Slam Man

  • Made from synthetic leather, the Signature Head Guard features a combination of soft and multi-layered foam padding providing essential forehead, chin and ear protection. Multi-position Velcro fastening straps allows the user to customise a perfect fit for comfort and security.
    Bruce Lee Signature Head Guard

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    Bruce Lee Signature Head Guard

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    • Made from synthetic leather, the Signature Shinguards are lightweight and easy to wear. Offering maximum protection with GO THREE Technology, the high density multi-layer foam will absorb the hardest of blows and provide strong impact protection. Made for the shin and instep, wide, adjustable Velcro fastening straps guarantees maximum comfort and security, whilst the lining absorbs and transfers moisture away from the skin to ensure they remain dry and light during use. A removable shoe adds comfort and convenience.
      Bruce Lee Signature Shinguards

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      Bruce Lee Signature Shinguards

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      Size: S-M, L-XL

      A Buyer's Guide to boxing and martial arts accessories

      Choosing suitable gloves greatly improves protection and safety, and as they also add comfort to activities, ultimately they help to increase the level of exercise carried out. There is a wide variety of gloves, so we should take care when choosing a particular model, bearing in mind the following considerations:

      • 1) Size of the gloves
      • 2) Weight and density
      • 3) Material: leather or vinyl
      • 4) Fastening system: laces or velcro

      1) Size of the gloves

      Generally, boxing and martial arts gloves are available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) and there are also specifications for men, women and children. Although there is no standard size for the market and sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and model, the user should choose the size that fits best. Gloves must be a close fit, but never tight, and we have to bear in mind that, with the passage of time, the gloves will get softer and looser.

      2) Weight and density

      The weight of the glove varies according to the type and amount of padding it contains. The heavier they are, as they have more padding, the better they absorb impacts, reducing the risk of injuries both for the user and the opponent. The more layers of foam they have and the greater the density of the gloves, the better.

      3) Material: leather or vinyl

      Gloves are available in either leather or vinyl, with different characteristics. Leather is a high quality material, breathable, longer lasting and with a better resistance to sweat. In contrast, vinyl is a cheaper material, much easier to clean and maintain, but with a shorter lifespan. As they keep humidity in the glove, they become uncomfortable during longer periods of activity.

      4) Fastening system: laces or velcro

      The glove fastening system may be laces or Velcro. Laces are usually tied securely and are more secure and comfortable when training, but have a huge problem, and this is that it is almost impossible for one to tie and untie the gloves while doing the exercise. Velcro, however, is more practical for putting on and removing gloves, but may slide a little during the activity.


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