Bike sensors Polar

There are Cycling sensors for speed, cadence and power. The speed sensor is fixed onto the bike wheel and provides speed and distance data, cadence sensors are fixed onto the pedal and calculate the cadence of each pedal stroke, that it to say the number of pedal strokes per minute, and the power sensor provides instant precise information about the power, in watts, of your pedalling.

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  • Boost your cycling performance with our cadence and cycling speed sensors: find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is and measure your speed and distance accurately.
    Polar Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor Set
  • Consumes only a little energy. Boost your cycling performance and find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is.
    Polar Cadence Sensor Bluetooth® Smart
  • Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps. Small and light design with firm bike attachment.
    Polar Speed Sensor Bluetooth® Smart

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