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Electro stimulation belts and shorts are apparatus with advanced technology that reproduce natural muscle contractions, i.e. they send impulses to muscles so that they contract and the same effect is achieved as if you were working out the muscle. Belts are designed to build up and tone the abdominal area, while shorts help to firm up and work the buttocks. These electro stimulators may be used passively (without effort), or of actively (during workouts in order to bolster physical exercise). More info

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  • Unisex and one one-size-fits-all, this belt is equipped with 4 carbone electrodes.
    Sport Elec Multifunction Belt + Cream

A Buyer's Guide to Electro stimulation Belts and Shorts

If you are contemplating buying an electro stimulation belt or shorts, you have to bear in mind certain important aspects to ensure that the product fits your needs perfectly:

User gender

Products belonging to this category are usually differentiated by the type of user they are aimed at; male or female. This is because they are aimed at a very specific zone of the body and this differs greatly between men and women.

Electro stimulation Belts and Shorts

Type of programmes

Programmes that have these devices are very similar, regardless of the brand, as they are all designed to achieve the same objective: to tone and strengthen muscles. Therefore, when choosing, we recommend you look at the number of programmes that the electro stimulator offers, as the more programmes you have, the more customized your session will be.


The intensity of the electro stimulator and its programmes influences the efficiency of the session, so the greater the intensity, the greater the possibilities of obtaining results in less time. We should highlight the fact that some electro stimulators work with batteries and while others have an inbuilt battery, and in the case of electro stimulators with batteries the intensity is lower, and as the battery wears out, the intensity drops even more. So we would recommend that you choose, when possible, one that has an inbuilt battery.

Electro stimulation Belts and Shorts

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