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Unstable surfaces

Unstable surfaces mainly refer to Bosu and TrainPods, among other popular accessories. These accessories form part of the group known as functional trainers, a kind of trainer that not only improves fitness, but will also help to avoid injuries when doing certain workout movements that are also used in everyday life.

By using these accessories, the user will tone the body in general and increase muscle stamina. Besides a considerable improvement in flexibility, stability and balance, the user will begin to notice the strengthening of abs, trunk, back, legs and gluts. Carrying out exercises with this kind of accessory reduces stress, helps burn calories and improves general wellbeing. A perfect activity for all ages and levels of fitness which is essential if you wish to increase proprioception, that is to say, the capacity to be aware and strengthen the muscles involved in balance movements or positions, thus decreasing the possibility of joint or muscle injuries.

Unstable surfaces


Although many people use this accessory for enjoyment, a trampoline offers multiple benefits. The main benefit is to activate the cardiovascular system, which serves as warm up and a cardio workout per se. This is very good for the user's fitness.

Working out with a trampoline is a good way to improve flexibility, lose weight and tone the muscles of the body. Jumping increases the strength of the joints and reduces or prevents pain from arthritis. In addition, mastering a workout on trampolines leads to increasing confidence when carrying out and tackling other everyday activities.

A simple but useful accessory and very easy to use, which should not be overlooked in any workout plan.

Unstable surfaces

Keys for choosing an unstable surface or a trampoline

  • 1. Trampolines

    When choosing a trampoline, it is important to bear in mind the diameter, the trampoline system, robustness, material, and maximum weight of the user.

    All these points favour jumping completely at ease and safely, with zero impact and without tension.

    In this way we can do our aerobic exercises and develop fitness in general: enhancing circulation and lung capacity, increasing strength, stamina, agility and improving coordination and balance.

  • 2. Unstable Surfaces

    With unstable surfaces we have to bear in mind the material, maximum weight of user, measurements (diameters), and the amount of movement they permit.

    WWithin this range, several kinds of products coexist, from the more classic kinds like Bosu apparatus, Reebok TrainPods that even enable you to modify the intensity of the workout by varying the air pressure of the central ball, to SKLZ balance boards, which have different workout routine graphics for a more comfortable workout. Vicore have also launched a new product in this category called the Core Chair Pro which takes the workout to a higher level: better ergonomics, increased motor strength, and profiles balance.

  • 3. Brands

    Bosu, Reebok, SKLZ, Kettler and Vicore. All these brands are synonymous with safety. They all specialize, at least with part of their range, in sports disciplines such as fitness and cross training.

    Each brand works and develops their products constantly by focusing on the consumer's needs. Therefore, choosing one brand or another will depend more on the objectives that you wish to achieve, because each of their products has special characteristics for different kinds of workout.