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At fitnessdigital we care about giving you the best service possible before and after sales, which means our web is 100% personalized, intuitive, and transparent, and we try at any time to attend to our customers.

Therefore, we are at your disposal in the following countries and languages:

In your country and in your language

In your country, in english and using Euros

In the following shops, they will be available in your language and using the corresponding currency.

Registration of your order and purchases are already personalized in each country, but at the moment, websites are only available in English and using Euros.

Customerservice is available by email customercare.eu@fitnessdigital.com and soon we will have a telephone number where you can contact us for more personalized attention and in case there is a problem to be solved.

Your satisfaction is important to us.

From fitnessdigital.dk in Euros

From fitnessdigital.dk, we can sell and distribute our products in the following countries.

Please take into account that in some of them delivery could be delayed due to customs. Also, at the moment we can only provide customer care in English and using Euros.

Please contact us in case you have any doubts customercare.eu@fitnessdigital.com, we will try to answer in 48 hours.

We can deliver in:

  1. Greece
  2. Slovenia
  3. Finland
  4. Latvia
  5. Lithuania
  6. Estonia
  7. Hungary
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Romania
  10. Republika Hrvatska

In case you cannot find your country, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at customercare.eu@fitnessdigital.com and we will be pleased to help you.