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Other fitness accessories

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Other fitness accessories

In this section accessories that serve as a complement to different physical activities include, for example: action cameras, cardio accessories, monitoring and portable audio devices, pedal trainers and floor protectors. A series of complements for physical activity and sport, whether to facilitate and improve workouts with other apparatus, or to increase your enjoyment while doing exercise while we listen to music or monitor activity. Among all the accessories, the most innovative and cutting edge are monitoring devices and action cameras.

Other fitness accessories

Monitoring devices

Monitoring devices are small and innovative devices that are in contact with the body and provide the user with interesting information about their daily activity. For example, they can show data such as the distance run, calories burnt, hours slept and quality of sleep, sleep phases, food and drinks consumed, etc. Information that enables users to get to know their routine better and so be able to modify some of their habits in order to lead a much healthier way of life. In addition, this data can be analysed, shown as statistics and even shared with friends. The device can even make recommendations and suggestions for users in order to help them to improve certain aspects and daily habits. The data shown and the functions will vary, above all, according to the device used.

Other fitness accessories

Action cameras

Using action cameras in workouts and events is the best way to immortalize great moments or review exercises in order to detect errors and learn about them. Depending on the camera, functions vary, but in general they record in High Definition, can be submerged in water and have the necessary functions to record any kind of sport. Thanks to the support included, they can be placed on a bike, on a snowboard or surfboard, on a canoe, etc. In this way the user can concentrate on doing the sport and let the camera take care of the recording.

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